Glam Goo Theme Pack- Confetti Pack

  • Confetti Pack comes with two wearable slime accessories
  • Start with FLUFFY SLIME (included)
  • Mix in SPARKLES
  • Fill Accessories & WEAR
  • Other packs include additional slime accessories and decorations
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Wholesale Price: $3.49

Make slime fashionable with Glam Goo! Customize and decorate your slime, then store and carry it in your cool fashion accessories!

Create and wear beautiful slime with Glam Goo! Start with fluffy slim (it’s made with love), mix in your choice of slime decorations (how about some unicorn tears or galaxy crunch?) and your slime is ready. Play with it to get into Zen mode or take your slime with you in your fashions! Fill your accessories with the perfect slime to match your outfit every day. Customize your bow bracelet and bunny keychain with your favorite slime!