Pooparoos Pet & Food (Styles May Vary) (Copy)

  • Age Range: 4 Years and Up
  • Silly, surprising potty play with Pooparoos figures!
  • Repeat play: feed, squeeze and poop again and again
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Wholesale Price: $1.99

Pooping pets have never been so cute! Pooparoos are whimsical, squishable friends who love to eat and poop! Possible creatures you can get are a bunny, panda, Corgi dog, pigandbear, or magical figures like unicorns and monsters. Each precious pal comes with favorite “foods” and a serving tray. Feed them, give them a squeeze with both hands, and then see the “food” get pooped out! Pooparoos love to chomp and hold onto things, too, like a pencil or your finger! There are tons of hilarious, cute characters to collect, so you can create a squad of colorfully fun Pooparoos! Each sold separately, subject to availability. Pooparoos Pet & Food White Rabbit Figure Pack


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